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Roy LichtensteinRoy Lichtenstein was the master of the stereotype, and the most sophisticated of the major Pop artists in terms of his analysis of visual convention and his ironic exploitation of past styles. The work for which he is now known was the product of a long apprenticeship.

"He was born in New York City in October 1923. His parents were middle-class and he described himself as having had a quiet and uneventful childhood. Though art was not taught as part of the curriculum at his high school, in his junior year he started to draw and paint as a hobby. His first subjects were jazz musicians (the product of a youthful enthusiasm for their music), and his work was affected by Picasso's Blue and Rose Period paintings, which he knew from reproductions.

"In his last year of high school, 1939, he enrolled for summer art classes at the Art Students' League under Reginald Marsh. [Read More]

Lichtenstein's Art

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"Whaam!" by Roy Lichtenstein
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"Girl" by Roy Lichtenstein
Buy Girl with Hair Ribbon, 1965 at Art.com
"Girl With Hair Ribbon" by Roy Lichtenstein

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